Bilingual people experience time differently …

Bilingual people experience time differently … Read FULL article here : NEW session of French, Italian, Spanish and German group classes starts on Monday, October 30, more details here:  

Easiest way to improve your pronunciation … BUT only if you are +21 y.o. :)))

Easiest way to improve your pronunciation … BUT only if you are +21 :))) Read the full article here: Our new session of French, Italian, German and Spanish classes starts on October 30. Schedule / prices here: For more details 561-228-1688 or  

How Exercise Could Help You Learn a New Language

  Learning a second language as an adult is difficult. But the process may be eased if you exercise while learning. A new study reports that working out during a language class amplifies people’s ability to memorize, retain and understand new vocabulary. The findings provide more evidence that to engage our minds, we should move our…

French accent

French accent voted ‘sexiest in the world’

French accent voted ‘sexiest in the world’… so why not to join our French classes at Multilingual Society :)) Details about classes here: Read the full article here:

4 past Spanish tenses

While studying a foreign language, we run in all kinds of questions… If you happen to struggle with Past tenses, here we explain 4 Past Tenses in Spanish. Hopefully this will bring some answers and clarity. Let us know if it was helpful and also if there is a subject that you'd like us to explore. The new session…

Just ONE day – July 31 – 10% OFF

Just ONE day – July 31, we will be offering 10% discount on tuition fees for ALL our AUGUST group classes: French, Spanish & German. Discounted payment option will be activated on our website on July 31 for 24 hours or you can make the payment in our office or mail us the check dated Julu 31. For more details,…

foreign language classes

Keep your mind SHARP !!!

Keep your mind SHARP !!!  French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and German classes: different levels, groups & private.  NEW session starts on JULY 5th. Register before June 30 and SAVE 20% on tuition fees.

drop-in class

DROP-in French, Spanish and Italian classes

Drop-in classes: Pay as you go, 1 class at a time We offer DROP-in classes for selected group classes at a rate of : $35 per class for members of Multilingual Society and $40 for non-members:   Requirement : the DROP-in classes require registration/payment at least 24-h before the class so that we can make sure that this is…

gift card

Gift Cards from Multilingual Society

Looking for a last minute GIFT for your friends or family member? Out of ideas?   So many people have "Learn a new language" on their "resolution list"! Offer a Gift Card from Multilingual Society and help your friends and family to make this dream come true. We have $25, $50, $100 and $200 Gift…

German words

Long German words

As Mark Twain said, "Some German words are so long that they have a perspective." Here is one of the LONGEST German words…. 41 letters!!! Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän, which in English becomes four words: "Danube steamship company captain." German language can do this because its grammar allows words to be strung together to form one lengthy term…