French Book Club

Our French Book club is guided by a writer Jean-Francois Chénin.

The book club in French is designed for students / speakers of INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED levels and native speakers.

Schedule and books: French Book Club 2016-2017

If your goal is to practice / improve your French (Intermediate / Advanced levels), we strongly recommend to include our French Book Club in your schedule. The Book Club is an amazing motivation to start reading and speaking more in French and it will help you to increase your vocabulary! Read the book in advance and share your opinion and thoughts on the book and the author. You can buy the books on or  

Admission: Free for members of Multilingual Sty, $15 general admission. RSVP required to

Jean-Francois ChéninAbout Jean-Francois Chénin
Writer, Director of Alliance Française de Karachi 

Born in 1954, in Lorraine, he spent his childhood abroad (Iran, Turkey, Greece …), thanks to a father fond of traveling. He had a great-great-grandfather who was awarded France’s premium literary prize “Prix Goncourt” in 1907 (Emile Chénin-Moselly).

Main occupation: reading and writing (and sometimes drawing too). He had a fleeting correspondence with Jean-François Lyotard, René Char, Francis Ponge, Gilles Deleuze, Georges Mounin, Eugene Guillevic and others. He became a writer. His reference is still Kant. Later, much later, he discovered Calaferte ans Wigenstein. He spent time in two ministerial cabinets. He read Pascal Quignard, made an escapade in the United States, stayed in Albuquerque (where it all began), then in Canada, Quebec (where everything began once again). 

In music he prefers Mozart and always Mozart; in painting, Francis Bacon and Nicolas de Staël. He also served as mayor of a village in France of 500 inhabitants. 

He participated in the creation of the national network of equal opportunities for girls and boys in th French school system, he created the Research and Development department at the ONISEP and later led a company of pastry products. He read Yves Navarre, Albert Cohen, returned to philosophy (Spinoza, Foucault, Althusser …). He has lived abroad for 17 years at the service of French language and culture (Israel, India, United States and Pakistan today). He was général delegate of alliance française in India and in USA.

He looked at authors such as Claudel, Césaire, Blanchot. He returned to philosophy with Montaigne, Voltaire and Herbert Marcuse, Clement Rosset and Marcel Conche. He has three children and he loves to linger on the terrace of cafes, he likes gray, black and white, blue sky and silent deserts.

Jean-Francois Chénin created our French Book Club 4 years ago while he was working in the USA. Today, he is Director of the Alliance française de Karachi and he continues to guide our Book Club through skype.