Italian Book Club

italian-flagItalian Book Club is designed for students / speakers of INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED levels and native speakers.

If your goal is to practice / improve your French (Intermediate / Advanced levels), we strongly recommend to include our French Book Club in your schedule. The Book Club is an amazing motivation to start reading and speaking more in French and it will help you to increase your vocabulary! Read the book in advance and share your opinion and thoughts on the book and the author. You can buy the books on or

Schedule & the list of books: Italian Book Club 2016 – 2017
Admission: Free for members of Multilingual Society, $15 general admission. RSVP required to

Are you planning trip to Europe or Latin America? We offer French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Portuguese classes, join us and get most out of your next trip. Learn a new language and have a chance to experience a foreign country as a local, not as a tourist…

Why to chose Multilingual Society? 

Because it's fun !!! Multilingual Society is providing a nurturing environment for those who want to learn and/or practice different languages, either in a class setting or through our various activities, such as French, Italian and Spanish Book Clubs, Guided Tours (in French, Spanish etc) at local museums, picnics, wine tastings, lectures, foreign movies.

We are a not for profit 501 (c) 3 Language and Cultural center, established in Palm Beach County, Florida, a true Multilingual County! Many of our residents and visitors are  polyglots, speaking 2, 3 and more foreign languages.

We create a greate number of events so that you can practice the language you are learning outside of the classroom as well in a more real life situation, with other people.

Our teachers:

All teachers at Multilingual Society are trained to teach foreign languages in a logical and meaningful way to insure that you are making progress. When it comes to foreign languages, there are many different aspects and ways of mastering a language and each require different set of skills:

1. one thing is to SPEAK a language