helpful tips

Helpful Tips for learning foreign languages

#1 – Learn the right words, the right way. Starting a new language means learning new words. Lots of them. Of course, many people cite a bad memory for learning new vocab, so they quit before even getting started. But–here’s the key–you absolutely do not need to know all the words of a language to…

drop-in class

DROP-in French, Spanish and Italian classes

Drop-in classes: Pay as you go, 1 class at a time We offer DROP-in classes for selected group classes at a rate of : $35 per class for members of Multilingual Society and $40 for non-members:   Requirement : the DROP-in classes require registration/payment at least 24-h before the class so that we can make sure that this is…

gift card

Gift Cards from Multilingual Society

Looking for a last minute GIFT for your friends or family member? Out of ideas?   So many people have "Learn a new language" on their "resolution list"! Offer a Gift Card from Multilingual Society and help your friends and family to make this dream come true. We have $25, $50, $100 and $200 Gift…

movie in Italian

Dinner + Movie in Italian

Dinner + Documentary in Italian at Paradiso Restaurant this Thursday, December 11. Join us!!!  Details are here:

French Thematic RDV – December 4 & 9

Multilingual Society presents a series of THEMATIC Rendez-Vous for students of Intermediate / Advanced levels learning French.   This course will help you to better UNDERSTAND the everyday French you encounter in French mass media and films. Get a chance to EXPRESS yourself, expand your vocabulary and exchange ideas about various topics: culture, politics, sport, travel, environment, health, French cuisine…

guided tour in French at Norton museum

Art and Culture… all in French

Guided tour in French at Norton last Saturday: Art and Culture and all in French !!! followed by lunch and a conversation in French, join us at our next tour on Saturday, January 10 at 11 am. The complete Schedule of our events is here:

chess club

Chess club – this Friday, October 17 at 5 pm

Chess Club EVERYBODY is welcome to join our Chess game on Friday, October 17 at 5 pm at Multilingual Society! FREE & open to public       Are you planning trip to Europe or Latin America? We offer French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Portuguese classes, join us and get most out of your next trip.…

Spanish Book Club

Spanish Book club

"El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Our Spanish book club is designed for students / speakers of INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED levels and native speakers. List of the books and dates: Spanish Book Club 2014 – 2015 If your goal is to practice / improve your Spanish (Intermediate / Advanced levels), we strongly recommend to…

German words

Long German words

As Mark Twain said, "Some German words are so long that they have a perspective." Here is one of the LONGEST German words…. 41 letters!!! Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän, which in English becomes four words: "Danube steamship company captain." German language can do this because its grammar allows words to be strung together to form one lengthy term…

spanish for children

French and Spanish group classes for children

French and Spanish Group classes for children (6-12 y.o.). It is never too early to start learning a foreign language, actually sooner the kids start better and easier it is for them! To see the schedule of GROUP classes for CHILDREN, click here: We teach in small group (3-8 students). New session starts on…

Learn Foreign languages through songs

Learn a foreign language through songs

Learn a foreign language through songs  Music offers a unique and exciting opportunity both to explore the language and culture of a foreign country and to cultivate your listening skills. The neurological links between language and music are vast but the basic thing to remember is that music activates more parts of the brain than…

TOP 100 French Verbs

TOP 100 French verbs C’est vrai, on n’a pas trop le choix (it’s true, one doesn’t have much choice): Memorizing de nouveaux verbes (new verbs) is absolutely essential to learn, and ultimately master, la langue française. But the one question that often challenges the new students is always the same: “Par où doit-on commencer?” (“Where should one start…