French Complete Beginner: September / October session




Our FREE 5-step guide for Complete beginners is a great start (email us if you have not yet received this guide but if you wish to speed up the learning process, make sure that you don’t repeat same mistakes over and over again, join our French group class for Complete beginners that is scheduled for September 6 – October 26, Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-11 am.

The KEY is to prioritize! It is impossible to learn everything at once. During this course we will concentrate our efforts on learning first what is used most in real life situations, such as biggest group of French verbs – regular -ER verbs and most common irregular verbs while working on vocabulary related to food, travel, family and hobbies. It will allow you to jump into a basic conversation from the very first class. Basic conversation, granted, but it’s only a beginning….The cost of 7.5-week course is $465 + $50 one time registration fees.

If you register before August 25, we will offer you a FREE 1-hour private class to review your specific questions.

The groups are limited to ONLY 8 participants. Registrations started August 1

A bientôt!
Natacha Koblova
Director of Multilingual Language and Cultural Society


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French Complete Beginner Sept / Oct

French Complete Beginner Sept / Oct, Registration fees