Passé Composé vs Imparfait

Bonjour! If you are still having questions wherever to use Imparfait or Passe Compose while speaking in French about events in past, this exercise might help you to see if some review needs to be done to clarify the questions, or you might just do it 100% right and pleasantly surprise yourself. Try this exercise…

How to say “I love you” in different languages

How to say “I love you” in different languages… You can study it either from the picture of this bottle :)) or this text: Love you in different languages Start a love affair with a new language at Multilingual Society !!! The new session starts on March 5, here is the schedule / prices. 561-228-1688 :

5 funny French idioms

5 funny French idioms: First, what is an idiom? An idiom is an expression with a figurative meaning that differs from the literal meaning. We hear idioms every single day… Example: “It rains cats and dogs”. Used correctly, idioms can amplify messages in a way that draws readers in and helps to awaken their senses.…

Bilingual people experience time differently …

Bilingual people experience time differently … Read FULL article here : NEW session of French, Italian, Spanish and German group classes starts on Monday, October 30, more details here:  

French accent

French accent voted ‘sexiest in the world’

French accent voted ‘sexiest in the world’… so why not to join our French classes at Multilingual Society :)) Details about classes here: Read the full article here:

Multilingual FIELD TRIPS to France and Italy – Summer 2018   

France 7-10 days, Normandie & Bretagne (June / July). Italy 7-10 days, Campania & Puglia (August / September). The exact days & itinerary will be confirmed shortly, if you are interested to visit France or Italy with other students / members of Multilingual Society, please contact us at so that we can get organized in the best possible way,…

guided tour in French at Norton museum

Art and Culture… all in French

Guided tour in French at Norton last Saturday: Art and Culture and all in French !!! followed by lunch and a conversation in French, join us at our next tour on Saturday, January 10 at 11 am. The complete Schedule of our events is here:

New session of language classes starts TODAY – July 7th

The NEW session of Language classes starts on Monday, July 7 (until August 30) – French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and English (ESL) classes.    Schedule/prices – click here.    Registration:  call us at 561-228-1688 or contact us at or register on our website or at our office at 210 S. Olive Ave, WPB.           French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese,…