Bastille day celebration

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bastille dayIt became such a wonderful tradition… Multilingual Society celebrates Bastille Day with Norton Museum… and it is always fun and so much to do and to see. Do not miss it!!!

Here are details of the event (subject to change), FREE, open to public. 

5-8:30pm            Food and Drink:  French Delights by Potions in Motion

Cash bar and light bites include specialty cocktails, a sweet and savory crepe menu, fresh-made beignets, and a full-service coffee bar for a café au lait or cappuccino with a choice of flavorings or a fancy French liqueur. / Fisher Gallery           

5:15-5:45pm      Language Lesson: Beginner French

Learn the basics with a talented instructor from our community partners Multilingual Language & Cultural Society,  a not for profit association established in West Palm Beach, Florida that  provides a nurturing environment for those who want to learn and/or practice different languages, either in a class setting or through various activities. Learn more at: / Davis Gallery

5:30-6:30 & 7-8pm          Music: The French Horn Collective

The French Horn Collective is an energetic and progressive band that performs an eclectic variety of gypsy jazz and modern original French music throughout South Florida, showcasing a wide variety of musical influences, which result in the band producing a smooth mixture of progressive gypsy/Parisian/swing/world music. Check them out at: / Central Courtyrad

5:30       Tour | Trois Femmes: Images of Women in French Art

5:30-8:30 p.m. – Art Demo: En Plein Air Painters

Observe artists Hope B. Reis and Alessandra Gieffers paint and draw with pastels outside in the Museum’s Central Courtyard. The term En Plein Air is French for “in the open air.” French Impressionists were interested in how changing light influenced color outdoors. / Central Courtyard

6-8pm Video | Paris: The Luminous Years (120min)

Discover the epic story of Paris active protagonist, catalyst and midwife to modernity. The film spotlights key figures in the art world's first international avant-garde, tracing who came to Paris and why, whom they met, what they made there and how being in Paris transformed them and their work. / Davis Gallery

6-8pm   DIY Class à la Renoir

French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir loved to make paintings of people having fun.  Paint visitors celebrating Bastille Day at the Norton! / Central Courtyard

6:30       Curator's Conversation: A Fresh Look at European Art

Join Cheryl Brutvan, Director of Curatorial Affairs/Curator of Contemporary Art, as she discusses the new installation of European artworks from the Museum Collection that are on view through the Museum’s current construction, including many works by leaders of the French avant-garde.  / Galleries

7:30       Tour | Trois Hommes: Images of Men in French Art


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