French Courses

Ready to begin learning French or improve on your existing French language skills? You can enroll in one of our group courses below – whichever corresponds to your current French language proficiency – or, if you prefer a more intimate learning environment, we also offer private and semi-private sessions as well!

French Course Enrollment

We are currently accepting French Group Course enrollments for the February 6 - March 3 term. Please see below for our upcoming terms. If you are interested in Private / Semi-private classes, you can start them at any time.

The book that we are using for Complete beginner and Advanced beginner levels can be ordered HERE

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2022 / 2023 Group Course Terms

From To Duration
October 3
October 28
4 weeks
October 31
December 17
6 weeks (no classes Nov 21-25)
January 9
February 3
4 weeks
February 6
March 3
4 weeks
March 6
March 31
4 weeks

French Group Course Schedule / Pricing for Feb 6 - March 3
All classes are on ZOOM, except Advanced group

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-11 am
Intermediate $320

Mondays & Thursdays

16 hours total


Mondays & Thursdays

1.30-3.30 pm

Advanced $160

Wednesdays IN PERSON

8 hours total

1-3 pm
Advanced Beginners $320

Mondays & Thursdays

16 hours total
Complete Beginners $320

Tuesdays & Fridays

16 hours total

Advanced Beginners

Mondays & Thursdays
Complete Beginners

Tuesdays & Fridays