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french class at Multilingual Society West Palm BeachBonjour! If you always wanted to learn and / or practice French, then you are at the right place! Here, at Multilingual Society, we offer French courses through the year, in group and private setting.

We teach French in small groups, 3 students minimum and 8 maximum. If you are interested in joining a group, check out the schedule of our upcoming French classes. Of course, don't forget to read our Registration Policy before registering.
French September 2020

FRENCH October 2020

Register for our French courses HERE:

Click on the arrow on the right side to choose your group or private class from the drop-down menu. One-time $50 registration fee for all NEW students is waived in September.

French WORKSHOPS September 2020
French classes October 2020

Description of courses in September

1. Grammar Review for Beginners - review the basics to make sure your foundation is solid! The instructor will go over the most important subjects and you are very welcome to bring up all the questions you might have from your previous Italian classes.

2. Grammar Review for Intermediate / Advanced Levels - this is the time to put it all together, all bits and pieces of information that you have about all kinds of grammar rules.

Books we use in our classes

Surely, there are so many books for French language out there that it might be very confusing and challenging to find THE right one. Therefore, here is the list of books we recommend, the ones we use in our French classes. Please contact us if any questions:

Click on the cover to PREVIEW this book.

For ALL levels: French Verb Tenses is one of the best books to use if you'd like to learn / review / practice various French tenses. Plenty of exercises with answers so that you can check yourself and see if you mastered the subject or it requires additional review. Easy to use and suitable for levels form Complete beginner to Advanced. We constantly use it in our French classes. I would even recommend to use a pencil as you will be definitely using again and again.

Click on the cover to SEE INSIDE this book:

Complete beginner and Advance beginner levels: Alter Ego A1, is the Text book and Work Book for beginners. These books are printed in France and follow the European Standard / Language Learning Progression: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels.

Both books include CD, which is crucial to use from the very beginning in order to develop an oral comprehension.

We use these books with Complete beginner and Advance beginner groups.

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