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French and Spanish for KIDS October 2020

French and Spanish for KIDS October 2020

Do not delay another year ! Earlier your children start learning a foreign language better and easier it will be for them, later they will thank you! Private French and Spanish classes for children are available upon request. For more details contact us at 561-228-1688 /

Courses description:

French classes for 5-8 y.o. and for 9-11 y.o.
The class takes place twice a week, 1 hour each class. Children learn a new language while engaging in fun-filled activities, conversing and playing games.

French classes for 12-14 y.o.
The class takes place once a week, 2 hours each class. If your child needs help with homework in French or would like to learn / practice French, we are here to help!

Spanish Reading Comprehension for Kids / Teenagers
Now that so many kids are having their general education delivered online, they need extra help in developing the reading skills taught in school. We will be working on reading strategies such as main idea & supporting details, central message, solving unknown word, and many others.

Spanish for Kids / Teenagers
If your child is learning Spanish in school, then this class at Multilingual Society will help you child to be ready with the homework and follow school program with more ease. If your child doesn't have Spanish in school, this wold be an opportunity to start learning a new language, which is so important for child's development.

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