Meet our Teachers

MartaMarta was born in Cuba and soon after her family moved to Spain, where she spent her early childhood. From the age of ten until her high-school graduation, Marta went to school in Switzerland and vacations were spent in France.

With her exposure to various cultures, her ability to learn quickly and her love of languages, she became an avid student of the spoken word. Marta majored in French Literature, doing her graduate work at NYU. Having Spanish as a native tongue, learning English at an early age, French as her main course of study and speaking Portuguese, German and Italian has given Marta a love of languages that she passes on to her students. 

She has taught Spanish and French as well as English as a second language to students ranging in age from Pre-K to septuagenarians! Using various techniques, even using everyday games, Marta’s students are always looking forward to her class and learning more! “

VeronicaVeronica was born in Venice, Italy, and started to develop a passion for languages since she was little, thanks to her father who was always bringing home books in French, German, English, Russian and Arabic. At the beginning, with great disappointment to her father, she was just coloring the pictures of those books but soon she started to appreciate the beauty of such a variety of languages and ways to express oneself.

Veronica holds a Master degree in teaching Italian and Spanish and has an experience teaching all around the world: Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, USA and Spain, both at the university and in language schools.


Ana Luiza

Ana Luiza was born in Brazil and has a vast experience in teaching Portuguese. For more than 27 years she has been teaching Portuguese in different settings, especially teaching business Portuguese for various corporations: private and group classes.


Whenever possible, she likes to integrate games into her teaching as part of the material covered or just to have a moment of relaxation which allows learners to interact in the language more freely. In Marianne’s experience, when students play games in French, or any language, they do not take themselves too seriously and therefore, they interact with less pressure. Learning becomes fun and painless, even grammar.

Marianne has completed both Bachelor, in French and education, and Master, in French literature, at Florida Atlantic University. She started teaching there during her Master and gained valuable experience during that time from which she still benefits today. 

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