Mon… ton… son… ?

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It belongs to me, to you, to him … There are different ways to express possession in French. Possessive adjectives is one of them.

How to choose the right adjective? Here is a little trick …

1. First – choose the line showing to whom it belongs Example: if it belongs to « me », then all available options for the line “je” are: mon, ma, mes.

2. Then choose the column based on the gender and number of the noun you are describing.

Example: if you are talking about « maison » – this noun is feminine, singular therefore the right choice will be « ma » which is in singular / feminine column.


mon chien = my dog
mes chiens = my dogs
notre chien = our dog
leur chien = their dog
ta voiture = your car
sa voiture = his or her car
nos voitures = our cars
ses livres = his or her books
votre livre = your book
vos livres = your books

Possessive adjectives are always placed in front of the noun. They agree in gender and number with the noun they describe.
* If a noun of feminine gender begins with a vowel or « h », use mon, ton, son instead of ma, ta, sa (except with “h” aspiré).


mon amie NOT ma amie
ton église NOT ta église
son usine NOT sa usine


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