“One Page French” BOOK. Available NOW on Amazon! Weekly exercises are coming shortly.

What is it?

One Page French is NOW available on Amazon. It is a proprietary course created by Multilingual Society and it gives you concrete and MEASURABLE results. One subject at a time. Every subject is presented on ONE page in a very concise, logical and visual way without any unnecessary and superficial information. Right to the point!

There are plenty of exercises to practice every subject presented in the book. When you establish a goal to study and master, for example, 3 pages per week, suddenly it’s not so overwhelming. It’s a very specific and measurable goal that you can achieve!

Is it the right course for me?

This course is designed for adults who are ready to finally start speaking French! You may have studied it unsuccessfully in high school or on your own. If not – it might be your very first experience learning French.

This course is NOT for people who are seeking an absolute perfection… If you want to learn French to become an interpreter for UN, then this course is not for you. But if your goal is to have a normal human conversation in French during your next vacation in France or any francophone country and enjoy it to the fullest, then the answer is YES!

For which level?

If you have never studied French before, this book will guide you step by step from the most basic notions of French language up to passé composé (past tense) and object pronouns. If you have studied French before, use this book as a review, as a refresher course to solidify the foundation. 

How is it different from other books and courses?

  1. NEW exercises are added WEEKLY to our website: https://multilingualsociety.org/one-page-french/

Everyone knows that “If you don’t use it, you lose it!”

Regular practice is the key! If you’d like to have access to even more new exercises on a regular basis, quizzes, word games and puzzles, grammar practice, useful links and tips for learning French, then take advantage of our additional online resources. You will also find lots of info about France and everything it has to offer plus practical information that will help you to prepare your next visit to France. Email us to request the access to this very useful tool: [email protected].

  1. LIVE workshops and classes on Zoom. Of course, you can study a foreign language on your own but the MOST productive and efficient way is to take a class, either group or private. Why? Because you need to use what you are learning, otherwise it will remain theoretical knowledge. If you want to learn how to speak French, you need to SPEAK! It’s the only way. The complete schedule of our classes and workshops is here: https://multilingualsociety.org/
  1. FREQUENCY OF USE approach. This course is structured in such a way that you will be learning first what’s used the most.
  2. PRACTICAL approach. From the very beginning, you will see vocabulary and examples that reflect real life situations.
  3. CULTURAL aspect. You will not be learning just French language but also discovering France: its traditions, holidays, culinary wonders and art.
  1. Plenty of PRACTICE. With each page of vocabulary or grammar there are several exercises to practice the concept. Answers are provided so that you can monitor your progress and make sure that you understand the subject.
  1. Years of practical EXPERIENCE. One Page French is designed based on years of experience working with adult students at Multilingual Society – a nonprofit language and cultural center. The approach is very different when we teach children versus adults.
  1. And the best part is the COMMUNITY! Surround yourself by like-minded people and it will help you reach your goal. You will have a chance to meet amazing people who share your passion for France and the French language. Multilingual Society is based in West Palm Beach, Florida but you will have a chance to connect with people from different parts of the world during our Zoom classes and workshops.

How to use this book?

  1. This book is divided into 10 chapters with a total of 90 pages of texts, grammar and vocabulary explanations (Blue tab in right top corner of the page). In addition, there are 200 pages of exercises (Red tab in right top corner of the page) and answers (Green tab in right top corner of the page) to practice what you’ve learned.
  1. For beginners, the most effective way is to follow the book in the order it is designed. Advanced beginners and intermediate level students may use the book for review and to strengthen the foundation of their knowledge of French.
  1. When you see the words that you do not know, try to guess them from the context first. If that fails, use a dictionary.

The combination of this Book + WEEKLY exercises on our website + Classes and workshops on Zoom might be just the game changer that you were looking for! With these tools you will be well equipped to start learning, practicing, and reviewing French in the most efficient way.

Learning French can be intimidating … One Page French is here to help make it a fun and a successful experience for you.

90 pages = 90 days = 3 months
Are you up for a 3-month challenge?
All you need to do is to commit to ONE page a day! Just imagine what you can achieve with this consistency in 10, 30 or 90 days

Here is a sample of the book

Have a look at the content of the book

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