Seriously??? Yep…:))

Seriously??? … yep! Some of French villages have such incredibly funny names (and sometimes quite vulgar…) that it’s difficult to believe that this can be true…

Have you ever heard of a place called “Ballots” (meaning “stupid” in French)? Well, this is where the annual get-together of the organization of French villages with funniest names (Les communes aux noms burlesques) took place this year on July 5-6. Ballots is situated in Western part of France, not too far from Rennes.

The mayors and representatives from following places, participated in this year’s event, 28 villages all together:

“Monteton” (“my tit” in French),
“Angoisse” (“anxiety” in French)
“Anus” … doesn’t require translation:)
“Vatan” (‘go away!” in French )
Just to name few…. You got the idea:)

So, instead of sitting there and worrying that others might make fun of them, the residents of these communities took matters in their hands and, in my opinion, “un coup de génie” – meaning “a stroke of genius” in French! They have decided, some 17 years ago, to organize an annual event to support local merchants, promote regional delicacies, bring lots of tourists in and mostly, just have fun and laugh together at most incredible names of the villages they call their homes.

In addition, each year the mayors participate at a number of crazy contests.

Really Bravo to the residents of “Arnac la poste” (meaning “defraud the post office” in French and the residents of “Corps – Nuds” (meaning “naked bodies” in French) for being able not to take themselves so seriously.

Remember this when you learn a new language, we all make mistakes, we all go through some moments of frustration. But, at the end… if you know that at one point you can go to France and visit a place called “Folles” (meaning “crazy ones” in French) and communicate with locals and may be even participate at next event of “Noms burlesques des communes françaises” (meaning “funny names of French villages” in French), it’s worth putting some effort in studying French, just remember to have fun while doing it!

What are the most ridiculous names of villages / towns do you know? May be they could qualify to become sister-cities with the ones in France?:)

And here comes the funniest VIDEO ever … interview with the mayor of Montcuq (sounds like “My ass” in French, different spelling though… And Pardon my French please!!!) guided by Daniel Prevost, founder of this event:

Article in French: Communes avec noms rigolos

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