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Spanish classes at Multilingaul SocietyHola! If you would like to learn Spanish then look no further! Spanish Courses at Multilingual Society is the right choice. If you need to master Spanish for work or for travel, we are here to help you to make it happen.
Spanish group classes are set up for 3 - 8 students per class. Small groups give you really a chance to practice and participate a lot during the class. Please see the schedule of our Spanish classes, let us know if any questions. Don't forget to read our Registration Policy before registering.
Spanish September 2020
SPANISH classes October 2020

Register for our Spanish courses HERE:

Click on the arrow on the right side to choose your group or private class from the drop-down menu. Registration fees of $50 for NEW students are waived for September.

Spanish WORKSHOPS September 2020
Spanish classes October 2020

Courses description of SEPTEMBER workshops:

1. Grammar Review - Beginners : review the basics to make sure your foundation is solid! The instructor will go over the most important subjects and you are very welcome to bring up all the questions you might have from your previous Spanish classes.

2. Grammar Review - Intermediate / Advanced: this is the time to put it all together, all bits and pieces of information that you have about all kinds of grammar rules.

3. Virtual Travel to Mexico: This course is intended to know about diverse tourist and cultural areas in Mexico. It is an imaginary trip that will guide you from the airport all the way to fantastic places. You have a chance to be involved in fictitious conversation though role-playing in which you’ll practice your Spanish, either at Beginner or Intermediate / Advanced level. In addition to that, you learn about traditional Mexican dishes. Come and travel along with us.

4. Spanish for Business / Real Estate and Medical Professionals:
In this course, you will be exposed to language structures and commonly used expressions used in the Spanish Business / Real estate / Medical world. You will participate in practicing conversations based on real-life scenarios. These scenarios will be supported by general grammar structures and vocabulary specific to these various fields of work.

Books we use in our Spanish classes

The choice of Spanish books is overwhelming! So many options. Please have a look at the books that we recommend and the books we use in our Spanish classes at Multilingual Society. Please contact us if any questions:

Complete Beginner / Advance Beginner level Text Book

Intermediate level Text Book

High Intermediate / Advanced level Text Book

High Intermediate / Advanced level Work Book

Complete Beginner / Advance Beginner Grammar

Intermediate level Grammar

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