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French Group Classes

Various levels offered, ranging from Complete Beginners to Advanced
3-8 students per class

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Coming SOON !

Private / Semi-Private Classes

Looking for our most personalized offering?

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Private class
$75 / hour

Private Class Package
$720 / 10 hours

Semi-private class
$95 / hour

Note: We will contact you after your registration to schedule your session(s).

Meet the Founder / Director

Natacha Koblova established Multilingual Society in 2012 and since then she is its Executive Director. She is also one of French and Russian teachers at Multilingual Society. Multilingual Society is a Language and Cultural Center located in heart of West Palm Beach. Here the locals can learn a new language and meet new friends, likeminded people who share interest towards foreign languages and cultures.

Ready to test your French language skills?

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Which of the following words means “apple” in French?

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One Page French

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One Page French is a proprietary course created by Multilingual Society and it gives you concrete and MEASURABLE results. One subject at a time. Every subject is presented on ONE page in a very concise, logical and visual way without any unnecessary and superficial information. Right to the point! Order your copy HERE

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