Language classes in West Palm Beach: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Portuguese

LANGUAGE classes

Looking for language classes in West Palm Beach area? 

Language classes at Multilingual Society will help you to learn and practice French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German and Portuguese. If you are planning a trip abroad, would like to communicate with locals and get most out of your trip then we will be happy to help you!

French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese or Russian Language Classes

Group and Private Language Courses:

We offer both GROUP and PRIVATE language classes for French, Spanish and Italian. Meanwhile, for German, Russian and Portuguese we are currently offering only Private classes. They are tailored to your specific needs and you can enjoy a very flexible schedule.

Levels of proficiency:

Our group language classes are limited to 8 participants. We have groups for different levels: Complete Beginner, Advance Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. If you are not sure about your level, then please contact us for a FREE evaluation: 561-228-1688 /

Registration for our Language Classes:

The registrations is required in advance, no walk-ins please. We process one-time $50 registration fee for all NEW students. Please read our Registration Policy. We apply $25 late registration fee if the student is not registered the last day prior to the beginning of the session. Click here to REGISTER for: French classes, Italian classes, Spanish classes, German classes, Russian classes, Portuguese classes.

FREE class to try

Free French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian class to tryIf you are not sure which group to join and not sure what your level is, you are welcome to audit one of our group classes at no charge and get all your questions answered at once! Let us know which class you are interested in or you can schedule a free evaluation, the choice is yours: | 561-228-1688

Why to choose Multilingual Society

There are many ways to learn a foreign language so let's see how Multilingual Society can HELP YOU to master French, Spanish, Italian, German or Russian.

We are a not for profit 501 (c) 3 Language and Cultural center, established in West Palm Beach, Florida, a true Multilingual place to live in! Many of our residents and visitors are polyglots, speaking 2, 3 and more foreign languages.

Well established reputable school

Language school in West Palm BeachMultilingual Society in the press. We are famous! Check out these articles and see what local newspapers and magazines say about our organization. Click here to see ALL the articles about Multilingual Society.

We made it to the FRONT page – September 2015
Video including Multilingual Society for Small Business Week, West Palm Beach – May 2015
PBG Lifestyle – September, 2014
Arts Paper – June 2014
Palm Beach Daily News – Cooking class with Jean-Pierre at Multilingual Society


French class in West Palm BeachWe strongly believe in social aspect of the learning process. This is why we have a number of events each months so that you can meet likeminded people, sharing same passion for learning French, Spanish, Italian, German or Portuguese. It is much easier to do it when you have your own "support group", your classmates are your cheerleaders!

And quite often, we do have some wine, cheese or pastries (mostly all at once:) during our classes for adults. How you can learn French or Italian without a glass of wine or croissant in your hands? Just joking, but the point is that we DO value this camaraderie and we DO make wonderful friends here and it definitely helps to master a language!

Qualified Experienced Teachers

All teachers at Multilingual Society have a university degree, extensive experience and are trained to teach foreign languages in a logical and meaningful way to insure that you are making progress. When it comes to foreign languages, there are many different aspects of mastering a language and each one requires a different set of skills:

1. one thing is to SPEAK a language
2. another one is to TRANSLATE / INTERPRETE
3. and yet one more aspect is to TEACH it

You can be an excellent Interpreter at UN but totally unable to explain some basic grammar rules in a logical manner. And you can be the best teacher in the world, incapable to do a simultaneous interpreting on high level. As both require completely different set of skills and training. The founder of the school and all the teachers have a lot of experience and use different techniques, such as songs, games, exercises, videos etc to make the lessons fun and interactive. Click here to meet our TEACHERS.


Event for French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian leranerBesides language classes, we offer a number of cultural activities in different locations all over Palm Beach County so that you can practice the language of your choice even more. Movies nights at Multilingual Society in West Palm Beach, Breakfast in French / Italian in Palm Beach Gardens, Delray, West Palm Beach etc, wine tastings, lectures, book club etc. Click HERE to see the full SCHEDULE of our EVENTS

Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

This subject is discussed more and more over past decades. Learning a foreign language opens the door to other cultures and helps to understand and appreciate people from other countries, read books in original version and now even some studies show that it helps to slow down Alzheimer and Dementia. Below there are a few articles on the subject that might be of interest to you:

Second language protects against Alzheimer's
Foreign Language Study (NY Times)
The Rise of the Polyglots (NY Times)
Foreign Languages and Thinking (The Economist)

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